Sports fishing guide for Møn

Fishing from the beach has been carried out at Møn for many year, but the larger sports fishing enthusiasts have only lately discovered the great fishing possibilities here.

It is both the weather and the wind that determines where the right fishing spots are. But independent from these factors, there is always a reef or another good spot, where a sea trout is hunting. The season for the sea trout is from October to June with peak in March.

You should also not forget the exciting garfish, cods, flounders, plaices or eels. If you are an experienced sports fisher, you can get very exciting matches in front of the Cliffs of Møn, Møn's Lighthouse or off Madses Klint.
Møn does not only offer coastal fishing. You can also do some lake fishing. Both at Hunosø and at Bøgebjerggård (Nyborre Fiskesø) there is "put & take" facilities  - and then you can do trolling and fishing at both Hårbølle og Klintholm Harbours as well.


List over good fishing spots at Møn


Fishing Spot Type of fish Notes
Ulvshale Sea trout, perch and ide. Northeast and west of Ulvshale and in Pilebo Rende (west and southwest).
Sea trout, flounder, plaice and garfish. You need waders.
Brunhoved Sea trout, cod and garfish. Fish east
Sea trout and garfish. Here you can fish far at both sides.
Hellehavn Nakke Sea trout and garfish. Here you can fish far at both sides as well.
Sea trout and cod. The best area is from Liselund and 1 km south.
Storeklint Sea trout and cod. The sea buttom is very stony here, and there is deep water virtually up to the shore. Here you can also fish far at both sides.
at/Busene Have
Sea trout, cod and garfish. North of the lighthouse there is an interesting reef.
Klintholm Havn Sea trout and garfish. You can fish from the harbour and all the way to the ligthouse in the east. The water here is, however, not very deep.
Hvide Klint
Sea trout and cod. There is a number of deep holes not to far from the shore. Try them. 
at/Fanefjord Skov
Sea trout and garfish. There is a reef quite far out. Be careful when wading.
Madses Klint
Sea trout and garfish. There can be quite a strong current here.
Hårbølle Pynt Sea trout, cod, garfish, flounder and plaice. Fish west to Hårbølle Harbour. Here, the current can also be quite strong.